Editing tips for computer-based exams


Hello everyone! We’ve started 2016 with lots of beautiful projects and we’re eager to share them with you. On EEC blog we’ve planned a series of articles which are meant to help you with your Cambridge English exams. This post is all about editing tips and is very helpful if you want to take a […]

Winter Holiday learning resources

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Winter Holiday is certainly children’s favourite and they should really have enough time for playing and getting some rest. When it comes to homework, there is no reason why it shouldn’t be funny and engaging too. Cambridge English has some great proposals in order to motivate children not to lose contact with English: Crosswords, word-search and gap-fill activities […]

How many study hours do I need for getting to the next CEFR level?

hours framework

You’ve just decided on taking a Cambridge English exam or you’ve just passed one and you want to prepare for the next one. One of the first questions you will have is: How many hours do I have to spend learning for successfully passing the exam? Here is what Cambridge English answers: Research suggests that it […]

Cambridge English elimină mai multe certificări începând cu 2016


Cele mai multe examene se adresează profesorilor și mediului business specializat- juridic sau financiar. Candidatii au totusi alternative similare cu aceeași recunoaștere internațională. Cel mai probabil din cauza numărului scăzut de candidați și din dorința de a aloca mai multe resurse examenelor de limbă engleză generală si business, Cambridge English Language Assessment (CELA) a decis […]

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