How many study hours do I need for getting to the next CEFR level?

You’ve just decided on taking a Cambridge English exam or you’ve just passed one and you want to prepare for the next one.

One of the first questions you will have is: How many hours do I have to spend learning for successfully passing the exam?

Here is what Cambridge English answers:

Research suggests that it takes approximately 200 guided learning hours for a language learner to progress from one level of the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) to the next.

For example, a candidate who has passed Cambridge English: First (FCE), aligned to level B2 on the CEFR, might need approximately 200 hours of lessons and supervised study to prepare for the Cambridge English: Advanced (CAE), which is aligned to level C1.

However, there are a number of factors that can affect how long it might take you to achieve your desired level of English, including:

  • your language learning background
  • the intensity of your study
  • your age
  • the amount of study/exposure outside of lesson times

* The picture above suggests how many hours you might need to spend to reach each level of the CEFR, but remember these figures are intended as a guideline only. You may require more or less time and support depending on your own needs.

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