Cambridge Assessment English, the new name for CELA

CELA changes its name

Cambridge English Language Assessment (CELA) is changing its name in Cambridge Assessment English to explain more clearly who they are and what they do. They have also changed the way they describe their exams to make them easier to understand. In the video below, the CEO, Saul Nassé, explains the changes they are making:

We are making things clearer

As a department of the University of Cambridge, Cambridge Assessment has 160 years of expertise and an unrivalled depth of experience. By changing from ‘Cambridge English Language Assessment’ to ‘Cambridge Assessment English’, we are reflecting that we are part of this leading international education and assessment group, with English at the heart of everything we do.

Becoming Cambridge Assessment English is more than just a name change. The new brand is rooted in our purpose: to help people learn English and prove their skills to the world.

We are also simplifying the way we present our exams. Based on consultation, we are introducing Cambridge English Qualifications as a new way to describe our in-depth exams and present a clear path to learning English, step by step.

Cambridge English Qualifications

We have Cambridge English Qualifications for schoolsgeneral and higher education and business.

We are here for every learner, every step of the way

Although our name has changed, our quality and high standards remain unchanged. Our relationship with the University of Cambridge remains unchanged. We still produce the same world-renowned exams, which are backed by our first-class research.

We are still focused on helping people succeed through our expertise in learning, teaching and assessing English. And we are still committed to continually developing new ways to make learning English easier, more satisfying and rewarding.

These new changes will take time to implement and you will continue to see our old name on some materials.

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